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Food Chain Magnate rules available here
Ketchup Expansion rules available here
How to play guide example here

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How exactly does coffee work?
Please see the dedicated Coffee help page Here

What are the Expert Options?
Expert options appear in an orange panel. They are meant to allow players to automate decisions that are obvious choices to make, and thus allow games to progress a bit faster.
You can select your preference for Order Of Business during restructuring. A note is added in history as turn order is resolved if the decision was automatic. Of course, it is very possible to select "Earliest possible" and stll end up in last position - this just meant that everyone else had more open slots or an earlier turn order than you, and also chose to go early in turn order.
You can select to autopay salary even if you don't have enough money, if you do end up having enough money after dinnertime. Similarly, if you have the Beer Milestone but no fridge, you can choose to pay in as much food as possible, and then money. You also have the option of keeping all remaining food if you have a fridge and end up with less than 10 items.
Note: Even if you select an expert option, you still might end up playing that phase. For example, if you don't have enough money for salary, you will need to fire someone, and so must play the salary phase. Also, if you end up with kimchi plus other items, you will be required to play the Cleanup phase. Game rewinds and player kickouts can also result in phases needing to be played that you had selected to skip.

Where do the scenarios come from?
They are suggested in the Ketchup Expansion manual.

What is Sandbox Mode?
Sandbox mode is the answer to questions such as "Can I have an option so that new MS trainer gives a coach instead of a trainer?" and "What if the 1x employees were actually unlimited?".
Sandbox mode unlocks a panel under the player summaries allowing you to add and remove employees at will on your turn.
Note: You must have 'Aid' turned on to view this.
Note: This game will be automatically excluded from stats. There is no record in History of using the Sandbox panel. There is no built in limit on anyone doing anything with the Sandbox panel. Try to make it clear in the game description what you are after if you select this option.
Note: Employees gained this way will not necesserily be saved if in the middle of a simultaneous move (eg choosing reserve cards). But no worries, it's Sandbox Mode. So just give yourself the employee again. If you gain an employee this way during restructuring and place the employee in your structure, then it will be saved.

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