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What are the icons?
The icons represent the options selected for that game. You can hover over the icon to see what it represents.
All Games
Str Opt Learning Game - See Help Str Opt Experienced Game - See Help
Food Chain Magnate
Str Opt New Milestones Str Opt Ketchup Milestone Str Opt New Reserve Cards Str Opt Movie Stars Str Opt Mass Marketeers Str Opt Gourmet Food Critics Str Opt Rural Marketeers Str Opt New Districts Str Opt Lobbyists Str Opt Night Shift Manager Str Opt Coffee Str Opt Fry Chef Str Opt Kimchi Str Opt Sushi Str Opt Noodles Str Opt Strict Payday/Fridge Str Opt Short Game Str Opt No Milestones Str Opt No CFO Milestone Str Opt No Radio Milestone Str Opt Hard Choices Sbox Sandbox Mode Str Opt Random Modules Str Opt Draft Modules
The Great Zimbabwe
Str Opt Selected gods Str Opt Selected gods with altered VR Str Opt Altered Spec VR
Str Opt Use Expansion Str Opt Small Table Str Opt Medium Table Str Opt Large Table Str Opt Low Table Junk Str Opt Medium Table Junk Str Opt High Table Junk

Note: There are no starting options for HC and Bus

What are the kickout icons?
Kickout icons indicate how long someone has to be inactive before they can be kicked out - this is the hard limit on the speed of a game.
KO Kickout after 5 Minutes KO Kickout after 10 Minutes KO Kickout after 20 Minutes KO Kickout after 12 Hours KO Kickout after 1 day KO Kickout after 2 days KO Kickout after 3 days KO Kickout after 5 days
See "General Gameplay" for how kickouts work

What are the times displayed in the lobby?
Times are displayed according to the timezone of your device - so all times will be in local time, in 24 hour format. Tp be preciese, it uses the country setting in your browser.
The elapsed times underneath the date/times, eg 1h 5m 23s, indicates the amount of time that has passed since the last move was made, or since the game was created.

What are the game columns?
Available Games - Games that are available to join and are not waiting for a repsonse from invited players
Current Games - Games you are currently playing
Waiting Games - Games you have joined, but are waiting for more players (either invited players or open to anyone)
Invitations - Games you have been invited to play
Finished Games - Your finished games. Games you have resigned or been kicked from will stop showing under "Current Games" but will show here once they are finished

If you create a game open to anyone, it will be shown under your "Waiting Games" and also visible in "Available Games".
If you create a game and invite other players, it will be shown under your "Waiting Games" only, until all invited players have responded.

How can I leave a game that hasn't started?
Under "Waiting Games" there is a "Leave" button on the right. If you are not waiting for specific players to join, you can also see the game under "Available Games", with a "Leave" button on the left.

Profile Setup

What are the notifications?
All games update live, so you can set whether you wish to hear a beep, bell, or nothing if a game has an update whilst the game page is open.
In addition, you can add email notifications, discord notifications, and slack notifications.

How can I add a Discord Notification?
You can add Discord notifications to one of your servers, or an existing server where you have administrator privileges.
To set up your own free server, click here.
To set up a webhook and find the URL to copy into your Online Board Gamers Profile, click here.
Follow the guide to set up a webhook and "Copy Webhook URL". Then paste the link in to your profile on Online Board Gamers.
Note that Discord notifications have to be sent to a channel, not to your private messages.

How can I add a Slack Notification?
Create a slack app and enable/create an incoming Webhook. Set it to post to a channel or your private messages. Then paste the link in to your profile on Online Board Gamers.
For details on each step, click here.

What is a Practice Game?
With a Practice Game, you will play as any number of players on the same device.
You will make ALL the moves, and it otherwise functions as a normal game.
This is useful for learning a game, testing strategies or trying new options!

What is a Learning Game?
Tick the "Request Learning Game" option to request help with learning the game.
  • When someone tries to join this game, it will notify them that the creator has requested a learning game
  • Use the in-game chat, discord, or another convenient method to chat with your trainer
  • This game will be excluded from the stats
  • 2 Player Only
  • Be aware that this does not force the person joining the game to help you; it is just a request. Usually people will only join these games if they are willing to help out though.
What is an Experienced Game?
An Experienced Game requires a minimum experience level in order to join. This is to ensure only players with experience of the game, and experience of this site join the game. The aim is to reduce the chance of someone abandoning the game and needing to be kicked out.
There is no required skill level; just a willingness to finish the game!
  • Food Chain Magnate requires 2 finished, non-practice games
  • Horseless Carriage requires 1 finished, non-practice game
  • Bus requires 1 finished, non-practice game
  • The Great Zimbabwe requires 2 finished, non-practice games
  • Cannes requires 2 finished, non-practice games
If you do not yet meet these requirements, and are unable to join an available game, then try starting your own game and allowing anyone to join. Learning Games do count towards your experience level.

What does the Playing Speed option do?
The Playing Speed option mainly gives other players an idea of how fast you want the game to play. It is also linked to the options for the length of time before an inactive player is removed. Blitz Dual is limited to 2 player, and has optiona from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Live speed allows kickouts of 12 hours or 1 day. The other speeds allow kickouts between 1 day and 5 days. Please note that often with 4 or more random players then more than 1 or 2 moves a day could be difficult, especially if people are in different time zones. With 2 or 3 players however, it is certainly possible to play several games in an evening!

How much time do I have left in a Blitz Dual speed game?
You can see a timer counting down to the next kickout in the top right, underneath where it says who you are logged in as. In fact, any game that is within 20 minutes of a kickout will display the timer. No one will be kicked out until a player enters the game who isn't currently required to move, and then they need to also confirm that they would like to proceed with the kickout. All games will auto-update live, but if you are playing Blitz Dual and your opponent doesn't appear to be moving, then it is worth refreshing the game, in case you lost internet signal at the same time the game update signal arrived.

General Gameplay

How do kickouts work?
For every game with a kickout of 12 hours or above (IE non-Blitz games) each player is alloted a "Flex-Time" of 24 hours. If someone is inactive for longer than the kickout duration set during game creation, then their Flex-Time will start reducing. Once they have used all their Flex-Time, the game will have a bold yellow highlight in your "Current Games" list. You can click on the game to enter it, and will then be asked if you wish to kick the player, or allow them more time.
If you do kickout the player, they will be replaced by a passive Bot, who just passes every move.
Flex-Time is on a per-game basis - each player has 24 hours of Flex-Time for the whole game.
Remaining Flex-Time can be viewed at the bottom of the "Reserve" screen, or underneath the board in Bus.

What if I don't want to use kickouts
No player is ever forced to kick another player. In order to kickout another player, you must enter a game that has timed out, and then confirm that you would like to proceed with the kickout. So if you don't wish to use the kickout then simply agree not to actively kick any player who hasn't moved.
The longest timer is 5 days. If you are playing with friends you can agree not to kick anyone out if they go over this limit. For games with random players, it is not really fair to make people wait more than 5 days for a single move. If you do need some extra time, then ask the other players using the in-game chat, and most people are fine to wait a bit longer.

What is the penalty for being kicked out?
Everyone makes mistakes, the first kickout in a year will only count as a loss, and not a kickout. Any further kicks will negate a win for your statistics. In addition, if you are kicked out of a tournament game you will be removed from the tournament.

When can I resign?
Resignation is available in all games, although it is discouraged in 3p+ games. Resigning could unbalance the game for the remaning players, so it is stronly encouraged to stay in the game, and try to meet an alternate objective (eg don't come last, sell the most trucks, use all the marketeers, etc).
Food Chain Magnate: You can resign after 4 turns. You can also resign at the confirmation options when placing your initial restaurant. This will allow you to exit games you didn't mean to join. It will still count as a loss in your statistics.
Horseless Carriage: You can resign during the Research phase.
Bus: You can resign during your "Choose Actions" phase.
The Great Zimbabwe: You can resign during your actions phase; as long as no one has exceeded their VR. In this case the game will end in the current round anyway.
Cannes: You can resign during your "place tiles" phase.

What is the penalty for Resigning?
Please note that although resigning is discourageed in 3p+ games, at Online Board Gamers players will never be penalised if they choose to resign. Sometimes it is a valid (and best!) option. It will count as a loss.


What are the formats?
Knockout is simply the winner moves to the next round. Two Lives is like double elimination; once you've lose twice then you're out of the tournament. Rounds consists of (currently) 4 rounds, where all players are included in the games, after which there is a short knockout of all players on top points to determine the overall winner.

How are game players decided?
Initially game players are drawn randomly. After this, players are ranked by number of wins. Players will play the closest person to them that thay haven't already played.
If there are any players left over, they receive a "Bye", which counts as an automatic win, and progress to the next round. "Byes" will generally be given to the lowest ranked players, and are limited to one per tournament. Essentially "Byes" are given randomly to the lowest ranked player who hasn't yet had a "Bye".

How do kickouts work?
If someone is kicked out then they are ejected from the tournament. They will lose both lives in Two Lives, and be removed from a Rounds tournament

What else should I know?
Players will not play the same person again until there's no other option (currently applies to 2p games, and the first 2 players in larger playercounts).
Players will not receive two "byes" until there's no other option
Kickout timer will be 1 day, with the exception of the first move which will be 3 days, in case players don't realise a game has started.
Notifications are sent out at the start of every new tournament game. If you finish quickly there could be several days until your next game starts, so it is strongly recommended to have at least one form of notification enabled in your profile
Food Chain Magnate: Tournaments are run at regular intervals
Horseless Carriage: Tournaments will open between 1st - 7th of the month, and start after 7 days, or longer if there aren't enough players. If a tournament is already running, a tournament won't open unless the current tournament started 2 months agp
Bus: Same as above
The Great Zimbabwe: Tournaments are coming soon! They will probably be run externally.

For further help contact Email Address